First Non-Human Witness In Parliament Is The Robot

In the parliament, most of the politicians debate like robots but today the first and actual robot Pepper appeared in the Parliament as a witness selected by the MPs committee. In UK Parliament, it is the very first time that a robot has appeared as a witness. A Japanese company SoftBank Robotics developed the robot Pepper and appeared in the Parliament to give his reviews on how artificial intelligence a good source for education.

A robot has four microphones, a chest-mounted touchscreen and two HD cameras and gets involved with Middlesex University in research work. All the MPs said that this is not for the coverage motive. Committee chair Robert Halfon said, “This is not about someone bringing an electronic toy robot and doing a demonstration. This is all about artificial intelligence and robotics skills.

The main aim of the committee meeting is to discuss the importance of artificial intelligence and automation in our society.

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