A Boxer Father Jailed For Only One Year For Beat Up His Children Daily For Four Years

The boxer after being guilty of beating up his children has been jailed. The boxer, Christopher Doyle, 33, and his wife Siobhan, 29, both become a major terror for their children as they daily abused their children at their home in the shed of Ferguslie Park, near Glasgow.

The Prosecutors announces in the court that the father gives endless assaults to their children by beating them with toecap boots, hitting them and throwing them.

The ages of four kids are in between 11 months to five years old and this all started in January 2010 and continues until November 2014.

After listening to the hearing in Paisley Sheriff Court, the Judge announced 12 months jail for the father and the mother was ordered to attend the counselling and unpaid work for 180 hours.

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