Workout Of Two-Minute Can Cure Dementia

According to research, People who are above the age of 60 can make a great chance to reduce the age-related diseases like dementia with just two minutes of exercise per week.

The Abertay University study says that there are 17 people who are in between the age of 60 and 75 that takes part in two training sessions per week in 10 weeks.

The group joins the well-known sprint interval training (SIT) and their training is to cycle as much as they can on a stationary bike for six seconds before resting.

This process is being repeated by each individual until each of them get the one minute of high-intensity exercise in each session.

Each individual is a patient of hypertension- which is a main cause of dementia- and they get control of their blood pressure by doing meditation.

This type of exercise is very beneficial as it may reduce the stress and gives you long-term health benefits.

Today, there is a great need to deal with age-related issues as the population grows day by day. If we are healthy we make people stay healthy.

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