Uber Launch: 24-Hour Helpline For Customers And Driver

Uber makes a new change by launching of new 24/7 phone support line. From now, you will meet or reach the Uber staff by tapping the ‘Help’ button in the main menu of the app and then pressing the ‘Call’ option. You can make up your queries to them as there are two separate lines both for passengers and drivers.

The General Manager of Uber in the UK, Tom Elvidge said, “Our new 24/7 phone line is the latest in a series of improvements we’re making for both passengers and drivers.”

‘This follows the new app we’ve introduced for drivers, as well as sickness, injury, maternity and paternity protections.

‘We always want to offer the best possible service so we’re going to keep listening to customers and make further changes based on their feedback.’At the moment passengers can contact Uber through in-app messaging, while drivers can visit dedicated support centres across the UK.

Uber also take care of emergency users, they can call 999 and in case they help from Police in a non-emergency situation, call 101.

More than five million people use regularly this Uber service and the company has around 60,000 licensed private drivers.

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