Lion Air issued an apology to Ika on social media after her since-deleted post had been viewed and circulated over...

A passenger who boarded for her flight from Palembang to Jakarta in Indonesia on Lion Air was completely shocked after discovered her seat that it did not exist in the airplane.

The passenger named Satwika Ika posted on Facebook to express her experience on the seating issue. She shared a ticket photograph which marked seat number 35F but the plane rows ended at 34.

Satwika asked this confusion to the flight attendant and she said that the behavior of the attendant was rude and ill-mannered when she purchased her ticket on September 16.

She told that she was not the only one for this confusion, another family with a young child also assigned a row 35.

At the last Ika took a seat when everyone boarded in the middle of the plane.

Lion Air department make an apology to the Ika when her video was circulated and viewed 10,000 times.

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