Dr Chris Reveals The Protection Methods For The Deadly Flu Virus

The symptoms of the FLU virus are a sore throat, runny nose and an extreme tiredness. This year the only one way to protect from the FLU virus is warning ITV This Morning’s Dr Chris Steele.

FLU is a common disease that generally causes in winters. The NHS said that FLU symptoms include a headache, sudden fever and body aches. This virus is not good for the body and it is very important not to become this virus infected into FLU as this is very dangerous.

Dr Chris said that the FLU vaccine is the only way to be protected from the infection. This vaccine works within 10 to 14 days and for people all over 65s, children, pregnant women, and the people who have the weak immune system all get the flu jab.

The NHS said that this flu jab reduces the risk of spreading the virus to others as well as the patient.

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